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Family Support Programme School provides extensive opportunities for every child to participate in sports, extra curricular activities, community services, trade options and other diversed activities.

These activities are organised to empower, engage and motivate the students.


Regular P.H.E classes are introduce in junior secodary students. The school allows a weekly sport session for both junior and senior secondary students where the students participate in sports such as BasketBall, Football and Handball.

The school also groups the students into different houses, and these houses are given opportunities to participate in inter-house competitions in the various games.

Extra - Curricular Clubs

A host of competitive, fun and leisure activities are available in different categories which include arts and crafts, singing, drama, debating, chess, scrabble, maths and science and robotics

Community Services

An important way in which the school seeks to foster a sense of social responsibility is in the one week service project for students. Students are taken to visit clinics/hospitals (operated by NGOs), social welfare, reading support classes, islamic organizations etc. Where they help our fellow individuals by donation or little errands

Training, Workshops, Seminars and conferences

Students regularly participate in workshops and seminars on self development, team work and leadership. Students are also engaged in organizational skills, in-house competitions, interschool debates, competitions and quizes.

Students from Family Support Programm Paricipate regularly in local and national competions

Trade and Enterprenuership

A variety of trade options are available under the trade and enterprenuership programme.

Family Support Programme School engage students in animal husbandry, catering, craft, garment making, textile, dyeing and bleaching

An Enriched Curriculum

The school's academic standards are now high with specialized teachers and impressive facilities that will result in good results in national and international public examinations. This enriched curriculum covers the required national curriculum that will prepared students for the next stage in their academic carrier

Moreover, weekly presentations by teachers, students or invited speakers are conducted to keep students up-to-date on current events, new scientific discoveries and also to help boost students public speaking skills.